Our Core Beliefs

Collaboration between the various stakeholders.


One of our core beliefs is that collaboration between the various stakeholders within an organization and a group of technical experts with a wide variety of expertise is required to develop the most successful asset management programs.  Outsiders alone cannot possibly know enough about an organization’s goals and processes to make appropriate recommendations

Our Why

To create wealth for our team members, our clients and our society.

In addition, programs developed by “others” also often fail to engage stakeholders to take ownership of the program leading to poor execution. 

Internally organizations may not have staff with the varied skill sets required to fully integrate the competing priorities that exist across a portfolio.  In addition, internal silos often exist that have prohibited sharing of information and true integration.  Bringing in partners with the necessary skill sets, and an independence from the status quo, promotes the changes required to drive a new asset management strategy, while also helping to break down the walls that may exist between departments.

We differentiate ourselves from a traditional engineering firm, whose primary focus is selling engineering or environmental services.  Our primary goal is to understand your organization’s asset management needs and support you in its design, execution and monitoring.

In instances where additional professional services are needed, we can provide recommendations from across our broad partner network, or we can manage the execution and integration of the technical projects on behalf of our clients.  

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